Dear Global Customers,
IONTEK Company provides,
A) Hairline patterned and Mirrorlike polished Aluminium Foil to World Market
Hairline Aluminium Foil is widely used for surface decoration of Electronic apparatus such as Refrigerator and Industrial Equipments such as Elevator. Foil is laminated with Steel plate or plastic films to be used.
B) Specialty Coated and patterned Glass and film, and Meshwire (patterned) Film
high quality indium-tin-oxide ITO glass, ITO PET/PEN film, AR (Broad Band Anti-Reflective) Glass at a low price with volume production, also with support for the academic and research purposes. we provide ITO patterning service from small to large ITO glasses and plastic films, and fast international delivery service.
Our high quality ITO glass and Meshwire can be used as transparent conducting substrates for the applications of,
▶ Small-molecule Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED)
▶ Organic photovoltaic (PV)
▶ Biosensors
▶ Electroluminescence devices
▶ Chip-on-glass (COG) and liquid crystal displays (LCD) (e.g. TN, STN)
▶ Transparent EMF/EMI/EMC/RFI/HF shielding
▶ Heatable EMI and Touch Display
1. Hairline patterned Aluminium Foil and Related Chemical Adhesives

Hairline Al Foil, Mirror Foil (MR600) - Specifications

Product configuration Aluminium Foil / Engraved Hairline Pattern (or mirror polished)
Available Pattern types Hairline Foil :3 types (180S, 180C, 120S) according to hairline length and width
Mirror Foil : 1 type (MR600)
Available Roll form up to, 1600mm(W) X 4000m (L)
Foil thickness (mm) From 9micron to 200micron ( 0.009~0.2mm)
2. Indium-tin-oxide (ITO), Metal coated substrates

ITO, Metal glass - Specifications

Product configuration Glass / SiO2 buffer (~25 nm) / ITO / (Other coatings)
ITO coating Magnetron sputtering
ITO patterning Photolithography
Size Any size up to 1500mm X 1700mm
Typical sheet resistance (ohm/sq) 6, 10, 13, 15, 20, 60, 100, 250, 400 etc
Substrate thickness (mm) From 0.2mm to 10mm
patterning using photo film or Cr(Ni) mask

ITO, Metal plastic film - Specifications

Product configuration PET (Both side UV coated) / ITO(Metal), PEN / ITO(Metal)
ITO coating Magnetron sputtering Roll Coater
ITO patterning Lithography / Screen-printing / Laser patterning
Size Sheet / roll (width <=1600 mm)
Typical sheet resistance (ohm/sq) From 0.1 to 500
Substrate thickness (mm) 0.05, 0.10, 0.125, 0.175, 0.188

ITO, Metal plastic film - Specifications

ITO thickness Available up to 300 nm
Micro-roughness TN or STN grade
Optical transmission From 78% ~ 90% at 550 nm., depending on ITO thickness
3. Anti Reflective ( AR ) coated Glass (Broad Band)

AR glass - Specifications

Product configuration Glass / Six Layer AR coating / (Other coatings)
AR coating Magnetron sputtering
Size Any size up to 1800mm X 2400mm
BBAR REF. Less than 0.5% Ref @ 430~680 nm
Substrate thickness (mm) From 0.7mm to 8 mm
Additional coating capability AG ( Matt ) : Gloss 50~110
AS ( AF ) : Rubbing Test 1kg, 1000 times
4. AG (Anti-Gloss), AS (Anti-Stain) coated Glass by WET coating

Coating Specs - Specifications

Substrate Size Any size up to 1800mm X 2400mm
Substrate Thickness From 0.7mm to 8 mm
Coating Specs AG ( Matt ) : Gloss 50~110
AS ( AF ) : Rubbing Test 1kg, 1000 times
5. Meshwire pattern Film

Meshwire on PET film - Specifications

Product configuration Both side UV coated PET film 100micron / Copper or metal patterning (Grid down to 3micron width)
Metal coating Magnetron sputtering roll coating
patterning Photolithography
Size 500mm (width) X 200m Roll or sheet form
Typical sheet resistance after patterning (ohm/sq) 3 ~ 20 OPS
Substrate PET thickness (mm) 0.1mm (100u, both side UV coated)
Patterning Mask photofilm or Cr(Ni) mask
6. Various Glasses

Optical Coating Grade Sodalime, Chemical strengthened Glass
Large sized Sapphire and Quartz Glass with surface polished.

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